Friday, September 30, 2005

Mommy and I are going to a mommy group today. I get to spend time with other babies - yeah! Posted by Picasa

What are these things on my feet? Posted by Picasa

Me and Grampy on a tired kinda night. Posted by Picasa

Grammy, what's in this box? Posted by Picasa

Mommy: You're 6 months old today Timmy. How do you feel?
Timmy: I feel like jumping! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hey, Mommy! There's a chicken over there! Posted by Picasa

I know there's a cow next to me, but I'm just not interested. Posted by Picasa

Look at the baby pigs. Posted by Picasa

They let me suck on an apple - YUMMY! Posted by Picasa

Grammy going in deep for the best apple. Posted by Picasa

Grampy caught in the act Posted by Picasa

Daddy picking apples Posted by Picasa

Oh, I see now. Thanks for the sippy cup! Posted by Picasa

How does this thing work? Posted by Picasa

What? It tastes good. Posted by Picasa

The Whoozit wins hands down! Posted by Picasa

Do I want the soft bug book or the whoozit? Posted by Picasa

Up close and personal Posted by Picasa

My cousins Paris and Sierra let me borrow their doorway jumper. It's a lot of fun! Posted by Picasa

I love a good book. Posted by Picasa

Lounging with Daddy Posted by Picasa

Look at me! I can sit up all by myself!!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I have discovered sleeping on my tummy. Mommy had to remove all the bumpers on the crib, so now I can move around more freely! Posted by Picasa

Maybe if I get up on my knees, I can figure out a way out of this darn crib! Posted by Picasa

Look at how long my tongue is - I can give that guy from KISS a run for his money. Posted by Picasa