Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reagan Elizabeth Makes her Debut

03/24/08. 8:08pm. 6.6oz. 20 inches.

Whoa! It's hard work being born.

I'm so relieved she is finally here.

First bath by fab nurse, Mary Ann.

Just admiring my handy-work.

Grammy visiting.

Grandpa taking his turn.

Grandma enjoying granddaughter number 3!

Timmy loves "his" baby.

Uncle Boom and Candace came for a visit.

Paula also came to take a peek at the hospital.

Even Mike came with her.

Uncle Trevor is excited about the newest Fratzel.

Daddy proving that the boppy is for more than nursing.

Timmy checking out her nose.

Grandpa relaxing with the baby.

Waiting to go home.

On our way out the door.

Timmy admiring her.

More admiring by Mommy.

Trying to find an announcement photo.

Perhaps propped up?

Or maybe not!

First bath at home.

Timmy got to help by washing her legs.

Easter Egg decorating fun for the whole family.

Even Papa got in on the action.

Finding eggs on Easter.

Spiky hair!

So. Cal natives enjoying our long winter!