Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is the house yesterday. If there wasn't equipment in the way, it would be easier to see that all of the siding on the front of the house is complete.  Posted by Picasa
Look, it's a land serpent! Posted by Picasa
I can make all sorts of funny animals with this puzzle. Posted by Picasa
I can see you through the cracks, Mommy! Can you see me? Posted by Picasa
There's always time for a quick game of peek-a-boo! Posted by Picasa
I picked this pretty flower just for you, Mommy. Posted by Picasa
Wow!!! What's that thing? Posted by Picasa
My first trip to the dentist. According to Mommy, I did a very good job! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Birthday Message

It all started on the couch. "Sit on the couch," Mommy said. "This will just take a few seconds," she continued. "Hold this sign for Great Grandma." As easy task, one might assume...
1) I am 15 months old;
2) I am a very busy boy (you can see, in the pictures below, I had bottles to line up);
3) You know what they say about assuming. Posted by Picasa
I'm off and running... Posted by Picasa
This sign would look really great on the other side of the gate. Posted by Picasa
Catch me if you can! Posted by Picasa
How about I sit on the sign? Posted by Picasa
I'm sorry, Great Grandma. I tried really hard to hold still long enough for Mommy to get the picture. In the end, Mommy resorted to snapping this shot after I went to bed. Posted by Picasa
Lining up bottles is one of my favorite pass-times. Posted by Picasa
My mission here is complete. Posted by Picasa
Showing my might by picking up a rather large rock, which I call "ck." Posted by Picasa
Hello forklift! I'm ready for a ride. Posted by Picasa
See my new trick? Mommy was beside herself, but managed to snapped a photo anyway. Posted by Picasa
Are we going to roll out those cookies, or what? Posted by Picasa
Trying on Mommy's shoes for size - hey, these things are huge! Posted by Picasa
Having a little rest after a long day of playing. Mommy thinks it's cute that I use the bumper pad as a pillow. Posted by Picasa

Just Another Day at the Lake

I love the feel of the sand between my toes! Posted by Picasa
I'm fairly certain I can scoop up this tube! Posted by Picasa
My friend, Abby, brought this cool frog tube! Posted by Picasa