Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Family Photo! Posted by Picasa

Birthday Celebration

Blow, blow, blow! Posted by Picasa
Kisses all around! A kiss for Great Grandma. Posted by Picasa
A kiss for Grammy! Posted by Picasa
Here I am getting a snuggle sandwhich from Grampy and Uncle Boom! Posted by Picasa

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Here are all my pumpkin choices. What's a boy to do with this many to choose from? Posted by Picasa
Papa is really advocating for the biggest pumpkin in the patch! Posted by Picasa
Here is Great Grandpa trying to talk me into a bigger pumpkinPosted by Picasa
Showing off my pumpkin carrying skills to Great Grandma! Posted by Picasa

My New Backyard

It's at this point Mommy always says, "On your tushy!" Posted by Picasa
Uncle Trevor trying to corral me - you don't really think it will work, do you Uncle Trev? Posted by Picasa
I can't wait to take this car down the hill! Posted by Picasa
Grandma and I took a walk in Sunapee Harbour. Here I am running to smell the mums on the other side of the deck. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Haircut Day!

Before Picture!

So, here goes my first real haricut. Posted by Picasa
Here's Papa trying to get me used to the clippers. Did you know my Papa used to be a barber? He's quite good at it, so Mommy said I should trust him. Posted by Picasa
Alright; it feels kinda funny, so maybe we can give it a try. Posted by Picasa
Whoa, hold on a minute. What are you doing? I thought we were just playing. Posted by Picasa
Yeah, let me hold it for a minute. Maybe it will help me enjoy this a bit more. Posted by Picasa
I'm not sure I like this! Posted by Picasa
Here's Daddy trying to help me sit still. This is also as close as you are going to get for an "after" shot, as I was not in the mood for more photos following the cut. Posted by Picasa
I've discovered that eating raspberries off my fingers is twice as much fun as just eating raspberries. Posted by Picasa
Hey, Mommy! I am going to help Daddy and Papa with the porch. Posted by Picasa
Here I am taking my work very seriously! Posted by Picasa
Here I come with your ballister, Papa. Posted by Picasa
From the way I wear my pants, you can see that I am thinking of starting a new toddler gang. Posted by Picasa