Monday, January 28, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Geotrax - An Obsession in the Fratzel HouseThe greatest fun ever, in my opinion

Even better, when it wraps around the house.

And goes up the stairs. Mommy tripped over it yesterday, but I told her she needed to say sorry when she broke it as a result of her fall. All was okay with the world again when she did say sorry.

Painting fun. I painted a pumpkin and frog while Mommy painted...
ladybugs for my new sister to be...

8 weeks left and counting. Already getting adorable baby gifts that include me. Thanks to Auntie Kathy and Uncle Freak!

Here I am reading about the new baby before my first doctor's visit with Mommy.

I am always a big helper. Unloading the flat wear is one of my favorite things.

I know where each one goes