Friday, September 28, 2007

Confessions of a Pregnant Mom

I don't like to make excuses (oh who am I kidding? I love excuses), but the first 13 weeks of this pregnancy have left me little time to do anything other than hover very close to the couch and nearest vomit receptacle. Timmy's blog suffered. For all of his fans, I apologize and will try to do better now that I am feeling somewhat human again.
Enjoy the most recent pictures!


Mike said...

Looks like litle Van Go or VanGogh (speaking of excuses I spell like this because I went to Fillmore) is in his blue period.

Your cousin Mike

Eva said...

I made Timmy's hug count reach 1000! :)

Tim & Chelle said...

Well then...congratulations are in order! Have to get onto Uncle Frank for not sharing the good news since I don't think dad knows
Thanks so much for the blog Chrissy, it keeps me more informed than dad does with you guys (then again I'm more informed then him anyway... he hates the computer... lol) I will stay in touch on here with you guys or you can check out the blog I made through wordpress:
Tell my cousin congratulations please =) His dad doesn't answer emails so next time you talk to him tell him to drop his niece a line! LOL
I hope to see you guys soon! Love you guys & miss you!