Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Geotrax - An Obsession in the Fratzel HouseThe greatest fun ever, in my opinion

Even better, when it wraps around the house.

And goes up the stairs. Mommy tripped over it yesterday, but I told her she needed to say sorry when she broke it as a result of her fall. All was okay with the world again when she did say sorry.

Painting fun. I painted a pumpkin and frog while Mommy painted...
ladybugs for my new sister to be...

8 weeks left and counting. Already getting adorable baby gifts that include me. Thanks to Auntie Kathy and Uncle Freak!

Here I am reading about the new baby before my first doctor's visit with Mommy.

I am always a big helper. Unloading the flat wear is one of my favorite things.

I know where each one goes


Treasure Station said...

Thank you for the smiles today. Perfect pictures. We can't wait till March to be there for Timmy and the special Delivery! Glad you said sorry for falling on the track.

Treasure Station said...

Well this made my day! Thank you for all the photos, each one made me smile, especially when you had to say sorry for falling on his track. Can't wait till March.

The Goulas Family said...

Thanks for putting up new pics! I love Timmy's new haircut! Much shorter this time, huh? I saw the "R" on the ladybug, what are you naming her? Or is it a secret? Hope to see you soon!!

amanda said...

I can't believe how tall Timmy has gotten! He's has got to have one of the cutest smiles! :)

Have you guys decided on a name for the baby girl?

Sarah said...

That great that he got to run the Geotracks through the house!! Not every kid gets that lucky! Looks like fun!